Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If Only You Knew!

If you knew how hard it is to stand there watching your friends get hit, shot, gassed, and die...if you knew how hard it feels to see blood for the first time...if you knew how hard it is for us to betray our beliefs and stay silent...if you knew how hard it is having to justify what you do all the time because the media is ruining your image unjustly...if you knew how lame and tiring it became to try to explain and show people the very obvious truth...if you knew we are not after power or money like you are....if you knew that we are not fighting for our own rights as much as we are fighting for the rights of those who are poorer, weaker, and less fortunate....if you knew how guilty we feel when someone is hungry or treated with disrespect...if you knew how vicious it feels to see someone being humiliated by those who are "superior and more powerful"...if you knew how unfair it is to be criminalized for wanting a better future for your country and people...if you knew that you made our basic human rights seem like far-fetched dreams...if you knew how responsible we feel towards the families of those who died and those who continued to live and suffer injury...

if you knew that many of us are afraid to have a normal life, get married and have children fearing your injustice would stand in their ways or kill them...if you knew that a bullet does not only kill one person...it kills a whole family, many friends, many dreams, many plans, and many love stories...if you knew we don't have the guts to tell our parents we are joining the protests but but we have the guts to stand in front of your armored trucks...if you knew that disobeying our parents's wishes and joining the protests against their will is more painful than getting hurt by the hands of your militias...and if your militias knew we are fighting for their rights too...for the dignity you made them lose...if you knew how painful it is to stay silent, and how hard it is to keep fighting...you would have never pointed your weapons at us!

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