Wednesday, March 20, 2013

المقاومة مش بس سلاح! Resistance at its finest

A little girl inflicted with Cancer draws what she wishes to have in the future. 

During the famous street battles of Mohamed Mahmoud street, Egypt, between security forces and the revolutionaries. 
اغضب..اعترض...اجري...اضرب...بس كل دة مش مقاومة..المقاومة انك تفضل واقف مكانك...ساند اصحابك...واللي مش اصحابك..ساند كل صاحب حق..حتي ان مكنش حقك...انتم ملح الارض!

Mohamed Mahmoud battle also.

متخليش المجتمع المعاق يكتف حركتك...راحت رجلك؟ فيك مخ وقلب وعقل وايدين و صوت..كمل!

After Mohamed Mahmoud battle, the revolution and the fight continued, even with many people losing their eyesight as snipers targeted them. They did not stop. 

خسروك حاجة؟ حاجة واحدة؟ طب لسة في قد اية تقدر تكسبه؟ الحياة مش حاجة واحدة

علي قد تمسكك بالفكرة...علي قد ما تضعف ظالمك..يأسك املهم..واملك يأسهم!

نيران هتافك...تحرر صاحبك الممسوك...متزهقوش..زنزا علي دماغ ابوهم..اقرفوهم..و دي جل المقاومة!

 Jewish American peace activist Rachel Corrie, carrying no weapon but a microphone, was crushed to death by an Israel Defense Forces armored bulldozer in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, while trying to stop them from demolishing the house of a Palestinian family. She left her "democratic" country, peace of mind, luxurious life, and decided to travel all the way to a war zone and stop a genocide. Glory be to the Honest in their beliefs. Glory be to the Human!

 A depiction of a WWII soldier CRAVING some music, some love, some normal life in the midst of the agony of a war he did not want to join. He still can relate to the human within himself. He was not turned into a complete monster by the war machine.

Usually when in danger, most people run away from the source of danger. But have you seen a whole nation, marching, together, towards it? Not caring, only advancing to achieve what they dream of!
If that is not resistance, what is?

Resist their predetermined ideas, their sectarianism  their oppression, even when you do it with a voice, and a flag! That is all you need to implement an idea that lives on.

Your faith is not a cliche. Your identity is not to be bashed. Self assertion is a right. Homeland is not a piece of land, it is the Identity. It is where, how, and why you were made to be the person you are today. Every single thing in it helped shape the person you are today.

اطلعي من قوالبهم..منتيش مغلوبة علي امرك..منتيش كنبة و كرسي...انتي زيك زيهم..مكانك كتف بكتف معاهم...يمكن قبلهم..متقبليش تتظلمي..لا برؤية حد ليكي بطريقة مهينة..ولا بايد عساكر غشيمة!

Fight back against the stereotypes which shows you as weak, passive, insecure. You are what you decide to be! Fight back, the oppressor, and the manipulative society which shackles your free will to choose whatever you want to choose.

 مش قادر غير تحدف طوب؟ ما تحدف طوب..خسران اية لو حدفت؟ لكن ممكن تخسر اكتر لو محدفتش...ازئلزهم..هما و اسلحتهم الكبيرة..

 After the assault on Gaza, 2012, two Gazan girls can still find a way to play around and find happiness in the middle of rubble and the ruins of the now-lost not so many memories they left with their destroyed house.

An Egyptian lady in the city of Port Said sits to drink her cup of tea after the city had been bombed by Israel, Britain, and France. She's lost practically everything she owns, but she can still enjoy the simplest details!

Crime? Being a communist! Having a different thought, different ideology. If you can not live by their standards, die fighting for yours! It would be meaningless if you live by something you do not like or believe in!

An Iraqi boy draws the war planes that bombed his house, killing all his family members, and injuring him. And even before he feels better, he held his pencil and drew everything he still remembers to document what has happened, to glorify the history of his nation and family, and to fight back against the imperialist lies of war mongering.

Egyptian female workers fighting for their rights, 2010, standing in defiance against the central security forces who wanted to forcefully close the company in which they work, and end their sit in. نساء الطبقه العامله - 2010 عاملات مصنع المنصوره أسبانيا للنسيج

و احفظ القضية...تحفظك!

Asserting identity, no matter how hard the tide is turning!

This is in remembrance of and solidarity with every woman who fought back. In solidarity with every woman who fought back and won...But mostly, in solidarity with those women who fought baqck and lost, but did not stop fighting!

الأستاذة بسمة بلعيد ، زوجة الشهيد التونسي شكري بلعيد الذي قتل لمعارضته النظام القمعي..تزغرد اثناء تشييع جثمانه

Mrs Basma Belied, wife of the Tunisian opposition, leftist, leader who has been assassinated weeks ago. She is ululating,  making a wavering, high-pitched vocal sound resembling a howl with a trilling quality, which women make when they are in celebrations. For Muslims, they believe that when someone dies for a cause, they die a martyr, and are sent directly to heaven, and that is why we celebrate martyrs, as well as mourn them.

Carte postale représentant [mettant en scène] l’exécution d’un communiste, Munich, mai 1919.

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